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Wikimedia Conference Japan 2009 (WCJ2009) may ask participants to provide their personal information that it deems necessary for registration and other purposes.

When participants provide WCJ2009 their personal information, WCJ2009 will attempt to maintain that information properly under this Privacy Policy.

Purposes of Gathering Personal Information

WCJ2009 may collect personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To administer registration and payment information prior to the event
  2. To administer entry to, and exit from, the conference venue
  3. To understand expected and actual participation, and generate statistics about the matter
  4. To respond to request for disclosure, correction, and deletion from the person whose information WCJ2009 holds

Any other personal information which will be known or provided to WCJ2009 will be swiftly discarded in an appropriate way.

Restrictions on the use and provision of the collected information, and discarding

Personal information collected by WCJ2009 staff and held by WCJ2009 will not be used or provided for purposes other than those specified in the above section “Purposes of Gathering Personal Information.” The information will not be provided to the third party without the person's concent, legally valid disclosure request, or other special reason.

However, statistical information generated from (in part or in whole) the personal information may be published or disclosed when that does not by itself reveal about any particular person’s identity.

After WCJ2009 operation is over, the personal information provided will be swiftly discarded in an appropriate way.


WCJ2009 will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and general norms and will amend the policy to respond to changes in laws, and to otherwise improve it.

Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies only to information which is provided through the process of registration to WCJ2009.


Let us know any concern to this privacy policy and its operation via inquiry form.