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Wikimedia Conference Japan 2009 is looking for people who are involved or interested in the Wikimedia projects to deliver their presentations at the conference.

We accept your presentation in the following four formats:

  • Lightning talk
  • BoF (Bird of the Feather)
  • Lecture, Workshop
  • Poster, Exhibition


  • Anyone is eligible to apply for the presentation.
  • The presentation must be relevant to the Wikimedia projects.
  • Japanese is strongly recommended as a presentation language; abstract can be written in English.

We are looking forward to seeing your presentation!


Note: this timeline might change later.

  • 1 August-30 September 2009: Call for Paper
  • 1-3 October 2009: Selection
  • 4 October 2009: Announcement of the result of selection
  • 4-31 October 2009: Call for participation in the workshops
  • 4-17 October 2009: Submission of the presentation manuscript

Presentation Styles

Lightning Talks

A lightning talk is a form of presentation in which the speaker talks in the speed of the lightning, in a very short period of time. The theme of the talk can be anything as long as it has something to do with the Wikimedia projects. Each talk has to be strictly within five minutes. Please win the heart of those who have not participated in a Wikimedia project yet through your talk! Here we accept applications for lightning talks.

  • On activities of wikiprojects
  • Useful extensions of MediaWiki
  • How to enjoy Wikipedia
  • Introduction to various Wikimedia projects
  • Duration: each talk must be no longer than five minutes (this is absolute!)
  • Equipments: you cannot bring in any equipments. Please let us know in advance if you are going to use transparencies.

These documents (in Japanese) will be helpful when you prepare a lightning talk:


A BoF (Bird of Feather) is a kind of session where people who are interested in a particular topic gather to have conversation, to discuss or to chat about it. Here we look for the topics and the chairpersons for those. You can recommend somebody else as the chairperson, but please obtain the permission from that person before you apply in that case.

Examples of topic
  • Sysop activities in Wikimedia projects
  • Gathering of a particular projects
  • How to cope with / participate in Wikipedia
  • Crash course on the document licenses
  • Duration: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Equipments: the organizer can offer whiteboards, projectors, screens
  • The chairperson may have internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Lectures and Workshops

We will have sessions where participants can learn about the MediaWiki functions or activities in Wikimedia projects. The lecture sessions will have a lecturer who presents in front of other participants, and the workshops will all of them engage in a particular activity. Here we accept the themes for these sessions and the lecturers / facilitators. You can recommend somebody else as the lecturer, but please obtain her permission before you apply in that case.

Examples of the theme
  • How to use MediaWiki, how to edit
  • How to make bots
  • Wikipedia authoring workshop
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Equipments: the organizer can offer blackboards, projector and screens.
  • The presenter may connect to the internet.
  • Please let us know in advance if the participants of the workshop need to connect to the internet.
  • For workshops, please let us know the maximum and the minimum number of the participants to hold the session. An accepted workshop might be cancelled if there are not enough applicants during the time we accept workshop participants in October. Please also note that the capacity of the rooms may limit the possible number of the participants.

We will announce the details about workshop participant applications when we make the announcement of accepted sessions.

Poster and Exhibitions

We accept applications for demo presentations and poster sessions. The subject can be anything as long as it is related to Wikimedia projects. We will have lunch time as the designated time for those sessions to show off / explain about the installations.

  • We will let you know what equipments are available.
  • Poster presentations
    • Each poster should be within the size of the standard poster paper (788×1091mm).
    • Please bring the poster yourself.
  • Other exhibitions
    • Please bring the subject yourself.

How to apply

Please apply from this form. There is no English version available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please send these by 18 September 2009:

  • Application category (choose one of four)
    • Lightning talk - ライトニングトーク
    • BoF
    • Lecture/Workshop - 講習会・ワークショップ
    • Posture/Exhibition - ポスター発表・展示
  • Applicant's name (Wikimedia account or real name)
  • Speaker/Emcee/Lecturer/Facilitator's name (Wikimedia account or real name)
    • Lightning talk, Posture, Exhibition: This must be same as the applicant's name.
    • BoF, Lecture, Workshop: When the speaker is different from the applicant, you must get acceptance from the speaker before the application.
    • When you intend to give your presentation by 2 or more persons, please fill in all the speakers' names.
  • Abstract (200 or less words)
  • Applicant's mail address
  • License (see below)
  • Remarks
    • You can inquire about the equipments. When you intend to have a workshop, please fill in the minimum and maximum number of audience.


When you apply, you must agree to give your presentation under the Creative Commons Japan license, the latest version as of the application deadline will be applied. Please choose one of below.


If your application is accepted, you are exempted from paying the registration fee. Along with the acceptance notification, your participation ID will be sent from the program staff. Please declare your number at the reception desk.

If you have already made registration and need to be refunded the registration fee, please contact to program staff. The refund will be made it at the reception.

We greatly appreciate if you could help funding this conference.

Content of the presentation

The content of the presentation need not be unpublished, however it needs to be an original work of your own. We remind you that the content of your presentation shall be made public under the Japanese version of Creative Commons license.

Acceptance notification

The staffs will examine each submission and decide whether it is acceptable or not. The result will be posted on this site as well as sent to the applicant via email.

When your presentation plan is accepted, please send us a manuscript on the details before 17 October. We will make it public on this site as well as hand out the print to all the participants at the event. We let you know the details later. Please keep in mind that the same license as you specified at the application will be applied to the manuscript. If you would like to put a different license, please let us know in advance.